District 5 The Hidden Gem of Pasir Panjang

The Greater Southern Waterfront has tremendous potential as a residential and business area within Singapore. Set to become the largest commercial and regional center since Singapore’s city center, this region will experience an incredible amount of growth by 2030. New areas will be opening with many opportunities for expansion, each with their own unique characteristics. These developments will provide people with new, luxury housing and new industries that aid in growing the economy.

Integrated Commercial and Regional Center

The Greater Southern Waterfront creates the possibility of having a waterfront city that is interconnected with the greater city of Singapore. The combination of new housing, booming businesses, and entertainment will further increase Singapore’s long-standing reputation as a world-renowned city. The attraction of living on the coast and near new developments makes this location an enticing location, and in turn a popular destination that provides an unparalleled experience for the resident. In addition, car-free zones will be implemented in the Jurong Lake District which will allow for the addition of vibrant, cultural attractions.

There are several ideas that can be implemented in the future to benefit the inhabitants of this region and the entire city. It is possible for a new reservoir to be built between Tanjong Pagar and Pulau Brani to collect rainwater and store excess water, which would aid in increasing water self-sufficiency. A new network of canals could also be constructed, which would add to the aesthetic and would provide a new method of transportation throughout the Greater Southern Waterfront.

The addition of trails for hiking and walking on a continuous 30-km long waterfront would offer the potential for leisure and exercise in this vibrant community. Not only is this vast community water friendly, it could also be eco-friendly due to its large selection of parks and green spaces. With these parks implemented, one would be able to observe and embrace the beauty of nature and the lush landscape.

Attractive Condos Investment Opportunities

Condos in District 5, such as 24 One Residences, The Orient, Liiv Residences, The Clement Canopy, and Bijou are all very alluring residences due to their prime location within the Greater Southern Waterfront. Their proximity to the coast is an optimal factor in determining the appreciation of the property value due to the scarcity of waterfront properties. The opportunity to live with a serene view complements the old adage of “location, location, location.”

Together with the location, economic stability, various forms of leisure, and top-notch educational institutes, this is the ideal setting to raise a family.This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that cannot be missed.

Elsewhere, the Jurong Lake District nearby is also experiencing remarkable growth. Its strategic positioning makes it a very attractive place to live.

Situated near two world-class research universities and prosperous industries, it truly is the place to be. The future addition of the Tuas Port will provide new tourism and economic prospects for all of Singapore. There will be over 100,000 new jobs available within this area, demanding more than 20,000 new homes on 160 hectares of new land.

Nothing can surpass the location, economy, lifestyle, quality of life, eco-friendliness, and overall satisfaction one would get by living in this appealing area.

James Yang

Associate Division Director at Huttons Asia Pte Ltd
James identifies the latest property trends to bring the most relevant advice to his clients.
James Yang