How To Get Over The Frustration Of Unavailable New Launch Units


Frustrated with calling New Launch Property Agents, only to realise that the listed price and property unit you wanted to buy is no longer available?

I am sure that this experience is familiar to most people who are keen on buying new condos and have faced countless moments of disappointment. Imagine having to call property agents again and again, being told that the unit has already been taken, or that the price has increased since the last listing. That is an incredibly frustrating and annoying experience, wouldn’t you agree?

Even large reputable websites such as Propertyguru and SRX are prone to such problems, showing that is it systemic in nature. Fret not, for in this article, New Condos Asia provides an overview of how to avoid such situations in the future!

Why It Happens

Finding out that a new condominium is no longer up for grabs can be a soul-crushing moment, because of the wasted excitement and effort put into searching for a new home. Sometimes, this is due to unreliable listings placed online by owners who have neglected to update information, or by agents hoping to quickly sell off property.

While it is up to the discretion of you, the buyer, to be observant and constantly check the reliability and accuracy of sources, we understand that some buyers may not have the time or knowledge to accurately sift through property listings online. Additionally, listing platforms are merely for agents to post advertising for available units, which means that keeping updated is the consumer’s duty.

This means that if you were to continue using listing sites, a large portion of your time will be spent on discerning between outdated listings and updated listings, and searching for available units with prices which may or may not be accurate. However, this may not be the best use of your time.

Take Action

Begin by keeping updated with the latest information about local properties in the market. Your days of searching through listing sites endlessly are over. At New Condos Asia, we provide reliable information that is regularly updated, with no additional baggage. We understand that clients are frustrated and annoyed at not being able to reliably buy or sell property, which is why we have designed our website with problem-solving in mind.

Aiming to empower buyers in making the best choices, we offer the latest news about condominium launches, while providing seminars, consultations and market news too. With a large selection of condominiums, you will be able to accurately choose one that fits your liking. Our website also sorts launches based on tenure, location and price, which is accurately collected by our professional property agents.

Save yourself the trouble and start browsing through our website for latest condos in Singapore now. We promise that you won’t be disappointed!

James Yang

Associate Division Director at Huttons Asia Pte Ltd
James identifies the latest property trends to bring the most relevant advice to his clients.
James Yang